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I love Valentine’s Day because it’s a great reminder of the importance of romance in our lives and our relationships. An intimate relationship without romance is like toast without butter or jam—it can provide us with the basics of what we need, but it’s just not as tasty or inviting.

While I enjoy giving and receiving attention, cards, and gifts on Valentine’s Day, my favorite type of romance is the kind that happens everyday in an intimate relationship between two people who put each other first.

We recently had a huge snowstorm in my area of the country and my husband’s place of business was closed. I work out of my home, so no snow day for me. As I worked at my desk, I began to get a whiff of wonderful smells coming from our kitchen. To my delight, my husband, Glenn, made me breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and brought me several cups of my favorite tea during the day. To me, this is romance at its best.

Last night when he returned home from a week of training for a new job he recently started, I had a package of red licorice (his favorite) waiting for my husband on the table where he puts his car keys. His face lit up like I had just told him he won the lottery.

I will readily admit that romance is not one of my stronger suits. I’m a practical kind of gal, and while I am definitely appreciative and always take time to let the people in my life know how valuable they are to me, it takes me some thought and a lot of practice to put my gratefulness into actions. But the effort is definitely worth it. When Glenn and I reflect on memories, we seldom remember the gifts we gave each other on Valentine’s Day, but we definitely remember the fun, playful, thoughtful things we do for each other on ordinary days.

There is a wonderful Hallmark channel movie I watch whenever it’s on called The Magic of Ordinary Days. I love the story and the title because for me ordinary days become magical when we take time to add everyday romance.


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