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For some reason, as a writer, I’ve always believed that once I had a book published, I would automatically feel like an author and know exactly what to do to become a successful one. Not!

My first books were published last fall and I  am just now taking tiny baby steps into feeling like an author. I hadn’t even filled out my author profile on Amazon or created an author website until this week, when finally I knew it was time to “own it.”

And I’m not alone. I talk to many authors who feel overwhelmed by what needs to be done, and almost in a daze of how or where to start. Somehow we all had a sense of “write it and they will come.” Yet that is far from reality.

I’m finally realizing that “stepping into an author mindset” has several stages to it:

  • Have faith in your ability as a writer. While no writer is perfect, if we have the talent to put our thoughts and ideas on paper in a fashion that others can relate to or enjoy reading, that in itself is an accomplishment.
  • Believe that others are interested in what you have to say and who you are. It doesn’t matter if you have quirks or idiosyncrasies – we all do. Those quirks are what make you who you are and can be the very things that endear you to readers.
  • Get comfortable with humbly (not egotistically) tooting your own horn. If you aren’t proud of what you’ve written, why should anyone else get excited about it?
  • Understand that part of being an author is sharing who you are and what you believe in with others.
  • Take every opportunity that comes your way to promote yourself and your book(s)

You may be shy, but you’ll have to learn how to make that work for you as an author. You may not like being in the public eye, but if you’re not, your books won’t sell. You may not like interacting with people, but it is people who will buy your book.

As I finally come to grips with the necessity of stepping into an author mindset, I realize that it is just one of the many opportunities that life gives me for growing, changing, and becoming a better version of who I am.


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